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Why us?

RR Solutions develops applications that are tailor-made on the client's needs. Our solutions are essential: they cover all necessary functions with no superfluous features. In this way the interfaces remain simple to use and the apps are intuitive to learn.


Today RR Solutions is composed of 5 full-time dedicated developers, 2 motivated sales persons and 1 creative marketing guy. Having Headquarters in South Tyrol (Italy) and most of the programming in Timisoara (Romania).


Driven by passion and professionalism our team completed more than 15 projects. Our products range from mobile application to web solutions. By working on personal projects we have developed the habit to look at the result of our work in the client's perspective.


Our team has found solutions for more than 60 clients. Projects range from software as a service solutions as well as tailor made projects.We value what you value. For this reason all our clients consider us more like partners than suppliers.

Our Projects

We do what is needed and we do it well. Each of us is responsible of one or more products but we all work together with original ideas, brilliant intuitions and personal competences to define the product's scope and logic. Usually the bigger the team, the smaller the impact of each new entry. In our case, it's the opposite: each new person increases the ideas and options that define our products, leading to exponential growth in quality.


Our Apps

From our own products to tailor made solution. Using the latest technologies on the market we are continuously improving in our endeavor to deliver excellence.

15 +

Mobile Apps

13 +

Web Apps

60 +


346 +



Creative Design/

We work with your flow for your needs to provide you with simple yet elegant, custom tailored solutions.


We approach solutions in a modular design so that new requirements can be easily integrated


Even though we strive for real-time performance, sometimes, due to environmental-constraints (eg. poor network conditions), this is harder to achieve. Don't worry, we have you covered!

/Continous Integration

We like to iterate fast and deliver faster providing you with a tight feedback loop.

/Responsive Ready

Don't have a supported mobile device? Don't worry ... we support your screen no matter what size you are using.


We are hybrid, and where we aren't, we provide both solutions for the most used mobile platforms along with support for limited surface devices (via our responsive-first core principle)


CEO, Founder


Public relations


IT Lead


QA Engineer/Data Analyst


Art Director


Mobile Developer

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