Customer survey and sweepstake

Most important functions:

  • Sweepstake and customer survey in one
  • Self-explanatory app that intuitively guides customers through the survey
  • Fast evaluation of the survey and determination of the winner

Project Details



Applied technology:

Android – remarketing – data collection

In 2015, LOACKER decided to use our Android solution for the competition and the associated customer survey at the confectionery join in at Heinfels (Austria).

Customers were able to click through the survey and enter important opinions and preferences in order to participate in the competition. A very important aspect was the data security for the collected information.

With our app, we created a friendly, user-friendly solution to conduct a meaningful customer survey, where all collected data is evaluated within a very short time. The integrated competition motivated the customers to take part in the survey. 

The winner was also very easy to pick!