DIARY for recording body temperature

DIARY for recording body temperature, symptoms of illness and contacts.

Key contents:

  • Recording body temperature with time and date stamp.
  • Easy entry of information
  • Overview of illness history
  • Particularly suitable for families with children or chronically ill people
  • Especially important during the pandemic for recording personal contacts

Project Details



Applied technology:

Android – iOS NATIVE

The “FeverCheck App” provides you with a diary in which you can easily record body temperature, symptoms of illness and contacts. 

The app is very useful for families with children to easily and clearly enter illnesses and keep track of them. All the data entered is simply stored on the smartphone.

The basic function of the app is available free of charge and only saves the data on the smartphone. The data can also be exported, but this requires a paid upgrade of the app. 

During the Corona Pandemic 2020, FeverCheck achieved more than 500,000 downloads worldwide within a very short time!  The logging of entries with date and time stamps could be used as proof of self-monitoring to employers or authorities.