ESA Employee Sympathy Award

Survey on teamwork skills within the workforce

Key features:

  • Recognise, value and reward employees
  • Identify team skills and team behaviour
  • Motivate employees to work well together
  • Involve employees and understand strengths and weaknesses for a healthy working atmosphere

Project Details


Hospitality industry, hotels, companies that want to survey employee satisfaction

Technologies used:

PHP user accounts and rights, anonymous data collection, responsive survey format, emailing, data processing

RR Solutions has digitised ESA, an existing manual employee survey, to avoid the very time-consuming manual evaluation. The aim of the survey is to find out which employees are particularly appreciated by their colleagues. The survey is intended to motivate people to work well together as a team, to build team spirit and to integrate each individual in the best possible way. 

The ESA survey is sent by e-mail to all employees via a personalised link. Each employee can thus cast his or her vote anonymously. At the end, in addition to the quick evaluation, it is also immediately apparent how many have taken part in the vote. Different user levels enable special authorisation for employees, e.g. to enter new employees or departments, as well as the independent creation of polls and the viewing of election results.